Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lyndon Byers at a 2011 HUG Foundation event. Please join our mailing list to keep updated on our next HUG event. Simply add your contact information in the box on the right!


Welcome to the Hug Foundation

The Hug Foundation was founded by Abington residents Alex and Lisa Bezanson shortly after Alex lost his sister Linda to cancer three years ago.

HUG, which stands for “Help Us Give“¬† was founded with the intention of helping people who may have stumbled onto hard times and need financial assistance.¬† After Linda died, Alex and Lisa realized how expensive¬† it was for people to visit loved ones in the hospital between parking, time off of work and other related expenses.

Money should be the last of their worries during troubled times and the HUG Foundation was created to help offset expenses.

HUG’s first fundraising event will take place on January 14th 2012 and it will feature a benefit hockey game between Team Abington & Boston Bruins Alumni team.

For more information about upcoming events, please click on the link below

Hug Foundation Events